School FAQ

Why should I use Teachers On Call Arizona?

With over a decade in the temporary staffing industry, we make it easy for you to find the right teacher for the job. Flexible staffing options allow you to choose temporary, temp-to-hire or full-time staff based on the needs of your school. Plus, we take care of recruiting, interviewing and screening potential applicants, as well as employee payroll, tax withholding and remittance and the provisions of the Affordable Care Act so you don't have to.

What kinds of education positions can you fill?

We provide Arizona schools with teachers, teacher's aides and early childhood development educators. Let us know the job requirements and skills needed and we will select an employee from our talented pool of teachers that we recruit from local colleges, universities and job fairs.

Do your teachers go through any kind of screening process?

Yes, we thoroughly screen our applicants for credentials and training. We collect work history, educational qualifications, certificates and also require four references (two personal and two professional) so you can rest assured you're getting the best person for the job. We also require elementary, middle and high school professionals to submit a current substitute, standard, or secondary education certificate issued by the AZ Department of Education, and a current DPS Fingerprint Clearance card. Early Childhood educators must submit the same, as well as a current Negative TB skin test documentation, Immunization record (MMR, and Td (Tetanus) booster within last 10 years), First Aid certification, CPR certification, and a Food Handlers Card.

Do you guarantee the teachers you provide?

We want you to be happy with the caliber of teachers we provide. If for any reason you are not satisfied with an employee's performance, notify us during the first day of the assignment and we will make a same-day replacement and will not charge you for the unsatisfactory work performed.

Can public schools use Teachers On Call Arizona for substitute teaching assignments?

Yes! In 2001, Senate Bill 1483 was passed allowing school district governing boards "to obtain the services of any employee, including teachers, substitute teachers and administrators by contracting with a private entity that employs personnel required by the school district."

Is it possible to order teachers online?

Yes, you can easily request the teacher you need in minutes with our simple online ordering system.

How can I create an account with Teachers On Call - AZ?

Creating an account with Teacher's On Call Arizona is quick and easy. Create your account online or call (480) 675-9911. We provide your school with instant credit provided you have a Federal Tax Identification Number and a listing with Directory Assistance.